This Campaign was designed to be played by characters of level 1 to N/A (I’m not quite sure as of yet what level this will take the PCs to). It begins in an Academy where your PCs were trained in their respective classes, how or when they came to be there can be decided by you or them. They graduate and get their first quest from the Academy to “warm them up” so to speak. After that they come back and over hear something mysterious that no one will talk to them about. A mysterious note come to them, an agent explains to them that the entire kingdom is in danger, why the agent will not say, by who the agent will not say, but they are in danger. For some unkown reasone the PCs seem to be getting attacked quite frequently from undead, demons, and numerous other evil humanoids and outsiders. Eventually they have to go back to the Academy to seek the answers they need only to find it has been razed to the ground with hundreds upon hundreds of corpses of beings that were attacking them. The only survivor is the Paladin professor, and he tells them everything that they have been seeking. Now all that’s left to do is somehow end the threat before it’s too late and the kingdom, and eventually the entire Material plane itself becomes a victim of who, or what, is behind this.

(P.S. I’m sorry if this campaign seems cliche or sub-par but this is my first campaign so let’s hope it’s not that bad and I hope you enjoy it.)

(P.P.S. I also have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to this site or this programming script, or whatever it is called, thank goodness it comes with directions, and thank you Penny Arcade for showing me this awesome website.)

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Shadow of the Throne